13 December 2010

he(art) in the Garden in the News

As I've mentioned a few weeks ago, some of my work was exhibited at he(ART) in the Garden. They've made a lot of headway during the first weekend of this year's exhibition and even made a few newspapers talk. Another, one-day-only exhibition will be held on the 16th of December, which promises to be something quite surreal. If you feel like taking it easy, while shopping for Christmas (which we all know, rarely happens) then you won't be disappointed.

Date. 16 December 2010
Time. 10:00 - 21:00
Address. 184 Fairways avenue, Tamara park, Centurion
For more information. Contact Melt van der Spuy or Johan Alberts on 012 654 7839 or 083 634 9733. You can also join their group on Facebook.

22 November 2010

Exhibition at he(ART) in the Garden

Good news. Some of my work will be exhibited this coming weekend at he(ART) in the Garden. he(ART) in the garden started in 2006 with a handful of local artists exhibiting together. So, if you enjoy supporting local talent, then this is definitely a must-see. For more information, go to their Facebook page.

Here's some of the pieces I will be exhibiting there.

09 November 2010

Itch puts a smile on my face, for the 3rd time :)

Hello. Everyone.

I submitted some of my toys as part of a project for Itch Magazine and got accepted. This is the first project 'formally' submitted under Earffchild's name, so I'm quite proud. Please go have a look, leave a comment or just enjoy.

Here's the link

Ciao for now :)

04 November 2010


Welcome to the super-powered world of Earffchild. Where everyone can be a hero with super special powers. We give power to the people.


The full project can be seen on The Behance Network

19 October 2010

This is where it all started

This is the very first creation that set Earffchild in motion. I felt obliged to show it, as it was the inspiration of something far greater than just a telephone. As soon as it was finished, I just wanted to create more. Earffchild became real. It became a little more tangible.

The newer toys, however, started to take on a slightly different style to that of the telephone - less bulky, more refined.

08 October 2010

Spot the odd (1) out

A series of paintings I did as part of a birthday present.

16 September 2010


Another older submission for Itch Magazine. Itch is an online magazine, that gives artists/poets etc. the opportunity to express their creativity. The idea is not to get paid for your submission, but you stand a chance of getting published in their printed magazines, when they have enough funding to make it happen. Please go check out my submission, here...

10 September 2010

Miss {interpretation}

Another version of my {new} favourite imaginary friend. This was for a Threadless Competition...check it out here

Miss {interpretation}

Miss {interpretation} is a character I created for an online magazine. The original (full) submission can be seen here...

06 September 2010

Finally :)

I have finally managed to get my header up, it makes my blog feel a little more real. I will be posting some of my work soon, so keep an eye out for when the residents of Earffchild start moving in. Ciao for now.