13 September 2012

Please take me home, Ally Cat.

I was very happy to receive an email from a fellow plush toy fan, about creating a special character for her. She fell in love with Captain Morgan, the cat at Green Grass and requested a cat with a special touch. I've been meaning to share some pictures with you, so here they are. Hope you like them!

28 April 2012

A boy named Matthew

A friend of mine recently had a little boy, so as usual, this gave me an excuse to create something really special. Big soft letters, together with some bunting gave a warm welcome to this little boy and put a big smile on his mother's face.

27 January 2012

Green Grass, meet Earffchild.

My first toys are out on the street and in a great little shop in Parkhurst, called Green Grass. Green Grass prides itself on unique design and individually handcrafted products. They believe in the power of beautiful things and this is exactly what the shop has to offer. They create the most amazing laser-cut and laser-engraved products.

My task was to create a series of toys that would be exclusively sold at the Green Grass Shop. Each character has its own personality, which is enhanced through various elements or props supplied by Green Grass to make them quite special. These range from laser-cut perspex carrots to novalite ninja stars.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these, hurry down to the store as stock is limited (for now). Hope you like them.