16 September 2010


Another older submission for Itch Magazine. Itch is an online magazine, that gives artists/poets etc. the opportunity to express their creativity. The idea is not to get paid for your submission, but you stand a chance of getting published in their printed magazines, when they have enough funding to make it happen. Please go check out my submission, here...

10 September 2010

Miss {interpretation}

Another version of my {new} favourite imaginary friend. This was for a Threadless Competition...check it out here

Miss {interpretation}

Miss {interpretation} is a character I created for an online magazine. The original (full) submission can be seen here...

06 September 2010

Finally :)

I have finally managed to get my header up, it makes my blog feel a little more real. I will be posting some of my work soon, so keep an eye out for when the residents of Earffchild start moving in. Ciao for now.