16 December 2011

A love for China.

I recently had an opportunity, together with a colleague of mine, to visit China on business. Over and above our business trip we were fortunate enough to take some extra time off to explore this amazing (yet confusing) place. Shortly before our departure, we decided that it really was time Earffchild's plan of World Domination was better pursued. To fit the theme, a character called Chin Li went into my backpack and would accompany us wherever we went. Chin Li became (strangely) fond of food and beverages, and would only show himself where and when these were available, or otherwise only on very rare occasions.

Here are a few snapshots of his time there. And yes, he is sitting on the real Great Wall of China
(and it really was as cold as it looks).

Hui tou jian (See you later).

30 July 2011

Lindokuhle's first toy.

I was recently asked by a colleague of mine, to design a toy for her little girl, Lindokuhle. Lindokuhle will be born really soon and will hopefully love her first (her mother's favourite) toy. It was a great honour for me to do this for them, so I just had to share it with you.


28 July 2011

Illustration Projects.

As most of you already know, apart from creating toys, I also love illustrating. I have updated my Behance profile with some of my latest illustration projects. Please go check it out, leave a comment or just share with a friend.

04 July 2011

Long Overdue.

This post is surely long overdue and I can't believe so much time has passed since I last updated.

I recently started a collaboration with Babes in the Wood, called 'What a monstrosity' (or 'Monster Mannewales' in Afrikaans), and even though everything isn't finished yet, I thought it was worth sharing. I designed monster characters for them, to print on all sorts of fun things for a little boy's room - duvets, pillows etc. I was also asked to design Earffchild toys and these were inspired by the original monster drawings.

Nomo, I, Spyke & Grover are happy to finally get their 15 seconds eternity of fame.

Over & Out.

18 January 2011

Lauree takes a nap.

I know, I know. You're all probably waiting in anticipation to know how the Exhibition went in December. Well, for a first time attempt, I'm very chuffed to say that some of our little softy friends have indeed found a new home and will help spread the word of my attempt at World Domination.

Other than that, I thought I'd share some of them with you. Lauree is first up on today's post. She is a cute little bird who can fly, just about anywhere. She proved to be quite popular at the exhibition and was definitely one of the best-sellers. If you were wondering why she's upside down. Well, she's just taking a short nap.

Secondly, we have Klowdy, who is indeed a happy little sunflower that will turn any gloomy day into a not-so-gloomy day. She's a must for any home (and an added bonus if you feel you should be part of my master plan).