22 November 2010

Exhibition at he(ART) in the Garden

Good news. Some of my work will be exhibited this coming weekend at he(ART) in the Garden. he(ART) in the garden started in 2006 with a handful of local artists exhibiting together. So, if you enjoy supporting local talent, then this is definitely a must-see. For more information, go to their Facebook page.

Here's some of the pieces I will be exhibiting there.

09 November 2010

Itch puts a smile on my face, for the 3rd time :)

Hello. Everyone.

I submitted some of my toys as part of a project for Itch Magazine and got accepted. This is the first project 'formally' submitted under Earffchild's name, so I'm quite proud. Please go have a look, leave a comment or just enjoy.

Here's the link

Ciao for now :)

04 November 2010


Welcome to the super-powered world of Earffchild. Where everyone can be a hero with super special powers. We give power to the people.


The full project can be seen on The Behance Network